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came out the gender character was watching day of reckoning to her like yep that seems like a good thing to go with why not this is America damn it that’s my favorite that’s think that’s what all wrestling should be about honestly all wrestling should come down today is America damn it[Music]the following I always got the gimmick and everything okay what fall introducing.

First from Detroit Michigan Wayne pounds Muhammad alright let’s get this match started yes steel cage match I’ve heard about the day of reckoning – steel cage matches and Heard they are pretty brutal so we’re gonna have to see how that steel cage match goes cuss who know debar yeah Guess not I guess I don’t know I don’t even think there’s managers in this games there.

And I feel like if there was Stacey would be out here all day boom ohm god he took that straight to the head I guess if you gonna take it straight ahead we gotta get you up big boy how do you edit your move sadness is it still the same as day of reckoning one where Have to go back to the main menu and edit my created superstars move set think it is okay we are this one is all right like I’m telling you the soundtrack on this game definitely ain’t the same as they reckon it one which was so lit i Like the graphics on this game I think they’re pretty neat honestly well you will stay right there you looking pretty goodnight thereon we got all the way what is the redoing the ref is like stuck.