Why My fiberglass doors Is Better Than Yours

Tap the mir casings with a rubber mallet if necessary to align with the opening check to make sure the header is leveled it’s important to check the level against the header casing, not the aluminum track as this is sloped there are two rows holes in the header one going through.

The track and the other just below it drill and install / inch fasteners in all holes tighten the fasteners using caution not to over tighten and distort the header or mirror casings confirm trailing edge casing is still plumb and install remaining fasteners be sure and clean any debris left in the track from drilling the holes the next step is to install the door on the track starting from either end of the rail slide the roller assembly onto the track be sure the bolts are to ensure the lower brackets legs up and down on the upper bracket carefully position over the two studs and power into place install flat washer lock washer and nut do not tighten at.

This point repeat these steps thermally broken windows for the second roller assembly loosen the two Phillips screws and slides gasket to the front of the panel you can see / to / inch gap between the rub rail and panel the trolley hanger should be parallel with the track next we’re going to install the floor guides this should be done with the door in the closed position place a straightedge under the door so that it is against the inside edge of the opening push the door in towards the wall so that it just touches the were rail with the chase cold guard door you not force the door tightly against the casings slide the door guide into the channel under the door so that it touches the straight edge mark the slotted hole so that the anchors will be installed in the slots as far away from the wall as possible this will allow you to properly adjust the door for adequate-clearance drill the floor for wedge anchors.