The Latest Trend In Playground Equipment

There was a time playground equipment when playground equipment in the local park or schoolyard was pretty basic stuff a set of swings a slide maybe a seesaw or to today’s playground equipment is far more varied imaginative and colorful designed to stimulate children’s minds as well as exercise their bodies slide down climb on wiggle through there’s no end to how kids can frolic on modular play structures or on this bubble bellied dinosaur to make the dinosaurs neck and legs an automated band saw cuts long steel tubes to specific.

lengths the tube for the neck is . meters long workers curve it in a bending press level helps them get it just right next they weld on two steel plates these will support plastic seats on which kiddie scan sit workers also weld on bars for attaching the neck to the body they weld anchoring tabs and supporting bars to the four steel tube legs workers sandblast the legs and neck with stainless steel grit the sandblasting gun shoots the grit at a speed of kilometers an hour this Ruffians the surface enabling paint-to adhere better after applying an undercoat of grey primer workers spray on a coat of plastic based paint the paint.

Is then baked on which commercial playground equipment maximizes its durability meanwhile a computer-guided engraving machine carves an educational design into a panel made of triple layered polyethylene plastic panels like this block the open sides of playground equipment preventing children from falling through to construct the dinosaurs bubble shaped body workers bolt together two half spheres made of molded polyethylene plastic they position the bubble body on the legs then bolt them together from the inside they bolt the neck to the body the neck has since been outfitted with plastic seats and the Dino plastic head they finish off the dinosaur with a metal label bearing.

product information this factory produces several components for its modular play structures such as climbing net made of galvanized steel cable the hard cable is padded in polyurethane workers use hydraulic scissors to cut the required lengths of cable then a cable stripper to slice off about three centimeters of polyurethane from the ends of certain cables workers then cap each exposed end with a sleeved aluminum ring they crimp the sleeve with ton press the Rings will be bolted to.